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Meth Before and After PicturesMeth before and after pictures disturbingly showcase the dramatic effects of just a short period of meth abuse. In fact, in some meth before and after pictures it’s difficult to believe that the two comparative pictures are indeed the same person. From skin-picking and “meth mouth” to rapid hair loss and yellowing/browning of teeth and nails, the results of meth use are terrifying. However, it’s important to feature these desperate individuals not in an effort to humiliate them, but to use their pain and suffering as a clear and compelling tool to help prevent others from becoming addicted to this menacing substance.

The following pictures in this first section are all reused here courtesy of FacesOfMeth.US and TheGoodDrugsGuide.COM; the second section is a graphic representation designed by However, these and other meth pictures projects are almost entirely supplied with before and after photographs by police agencies in the US. Most of the photos begin with one arrest or booking photo and are followed up by another picture from a subsequent booking.

In order to create these comparisons law enforcement officials have recorded, filtered and analyzed data where arrest subjects were implicated in meth use and tracked the data over a period of a decade or more.

Before and After Meth Pictures 1

Before and After Meth Pictures 2

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Meth Before and After Pictures 4

In the above meth before and after picture, the man’s face shows clear signs of skin-picking: a common affliction of meth users.  Addicts often complain of “things” crawling or lodged under their skin, and they will pick at these imaginary “things” on their faces until injury and infection occurs.

Meth before and after pictures 5

Meth causes damage to salivary glands and prevents the mouth from remaining well-lubricated: a critical function in order to fight harmful bacteria.  What we see in the woman above is retraction of gums and other tissue as a result of the toxic effects of meth on the salivary system.

Meth Pictures

meth 7

Because of the toxicity of meth, gum disease and infections often occur in the mouth, leading to early and severe tooth loss and the resultant sagging cheeks and lips.  This man appears to have lost a significant portion of his teeth in a 3 year period.

Meth pictures 8

This woman’s skin has been withered and weathered by meth smoke and fumes.

Before and after meth pics 9

meth 10

Meth before and after pictures 11

This meth user’s skin-picking is out of control and appears to have caused an infection in the sinuses, swelling her eyes into a half-shut position.

Meth pictures 12

Meth Before and After Pictures Courtesy of Inforgraphic

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As you can see, these meth before and after pictures make things incredibly clear:  while meth might make you feel good for a little while, you’ll lose your youth, your good looks, your vitality, possibly your teeth and could end up looking like a scared and hopeless drug addict: permanently.  If you or someone you love is addicted to meth, the quicker you get help, the less damage will be done.

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