Detox for SteroidsDetox for steroids used to be the sole province of body builders, athletes and physical fitness fanatics. However, the availability of the drugs has made abusers out of school age children, young adults and many other groups of people.  And because symptoms of Acute Withdrawal Syndrome related to suddenly quitting steroids can be dangerous, detox for steroids should always take place in a medical detox facility like Safe Drug Detox’s powerful Steroid Detox Center in sunny south Florida.

Steroids work somewhat differently than other addictive narcotics. Steroids are man-made substances designed to interact with male sex hormones. They are believed to reduce recovery time from workouts and increase the strength needed for physical endeavors.

Steroid Addiction and Side Effects

Steroid addiction results from a gradually built-up dependence on the substance. Although producing a different effect than other addictive drugs, steroids also impact neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mood and behavioral regulation and changes.

Some of the side effects include:

*Improved confidence

*Mood swings including manic-like symptoms


*Paranoid jealousy

*Impaired judgment


*Aggressive behavior


Detox for steroids varies with each individual because the length of time the substance stays in the body is different for each person, and the response to AWS symptoms, if any, is different for everyone. Health repercussions can include:

*Liver tumors

*Severe acne

*Increases in LDL (bad cholesterol)

*High blood pressure

*Reduced sperm count (males)

*Changes in the menstrual cycle (females)

In addition, self esteem and psychological issues can sometimes be root causes for a steroid addiction.

Detox from Steroids or ‘Roids

Steroid withdrawal should ideally be managed by an endocrinologist and an addictionologist for the safest route of getting off the substance. Because steroid use alters hormone levels – impeding the normal function of the adrenal glands – the detoxification process must be closely and medically monitored. In fact, often steroid abusers become addicted to other substances which also have to be dealt with as part of the detox process.

Detox for steroids will remove the substance from the body but further treatment may be required in order to deal with any mental, emotional and psychological issues that exist.  This is true for nearly all types of detoxification programs, even lesser substances like detox for marijuana and detox for ecstasy.  For this reason Safe Drug Detox offers one of the most effective and streamlined programs in the country, allowing you to progress from Steroid Detox to Inpatient Treatment and even to our leading Outpatient Program if you need it.  We’re one of the few drug detox and rehabilitation centers in the United States to offer this full integration of powerful treatment options, but unfortunately our beds fill up quickly.  Call us now to check availability and for an immediate, confidential and no-cost assessment of your particular situation: